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Attend a 2 day Hold Me Tight® Couples Retreat

The most successful and proven approach to creating a loving relationship.

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Hold Me TightDeveloped by Dr Sue Johnson, author of “Hold Me Tight: Seven Conversations for a lifetime of Love”  and “Love Sense”

Endorsed by the American Psychological Association

Praised in Scientific Journals, The New York Times and Times Magazine

Acclaimed by Leading Relationship Experts, John Gottman, William Doherty and Harville Hendrix

“Romantic Love is not the least bit illogical or random. It is the continuation of an ordered and wise recipe for survival.  We now have a map that can guide us in creating, healing and sustaining love.  This is a consummate breakthrough”
 -Dr. Sue Johnson

Discover How to Navigate the Road of Love

Has your relationship gone stale?
Is conflict destroying your relationship?
Is your relationship doing ok, but you want to make it great?

Join the thousands of other couples from around the world who are already enjoying a deeper connection with each other. They have healed past hurts and found renewed joy and passion.

You too can reap these benefits once you apply the principles of the new science of love.

You and your partner can gain new tools to create the relationship you have always dreamed of.

Who Can Benefit from the Hold Me Tight® Couples Retreat?

  • Couples from all backgrounds, life stages, faiths and sexual orientations who are struggling in their relationship.
  • Couples who want to improve their relationship.
  • Couples in couples therapy who want to enhance the couples therapy experience.

The Hold Me Tight® Couples Retreat Will Help You and Your Partner:

  • Affirm strengths in your relationship.
  • Replace unhealthy patterns of communication with healthy ones.
  • Deepen your understanding and compassion for each other.
  • Forgive injuries that have eroded safety and trust in your relationship.
  • Deepen your emotional and physical intimacy.
  • Strengthen your bond in a way that will last a lifetime.

The Hold Me Tight® Model – A Research Based Approach

This couple’s weekend retreat will consist of lectures and video clips of couples discussing how they improved their relationships. You and your partner will also be guided through the 7 Transforming Conversations described below.

All exercises will be done privately with your partner. Group participation is optional. You will be part of a safe and supportive group of couples who are all working to strengthen their relationships.

You will be guided through the following
7 Transforming Conversations

#1 Recognizing the Demon Dialogues.  You and your partner will identify negative and destructive ways that you interact during conflict.  The goal is not to assign blame, but rather to get to the underlying root of your relationship issues and discover what each of you are trying to say to one another, beyond what is being said on the surface.

#2 Finding the Raw spots. You and your partner examine deeper feelings, fears and beliefs below your emotional reactions. You may discover things about yourself and your partner that you did not know before.

#3 Revisiting a Rocky moment. You will discover new skills for de-escalating the existing conflict in your relationship. The goal is to begin to repair the hurt that has occurred and build emotional safety in your relationship.

#4 Forgiving Injuries. Past injuries will become integrated into your relationship’s life story. Forgiving injuries does not necessarily mean forgetting. Rather, past hurts are used as opportunities for renewal and connection. This helps to strengthen your bond with each other.

#5 Hold Me Tight.  You will focus on how to turn moments of disconnection into moments of being more emotionally accessible, emotionally responsive, and deeply engaged with one another. This, so that you feel more heard, connected and loved.

#6 Bonding Through Sex and Touch. As you feel more emotionally connected to your partner, you will become closer physically, showing more affection towards one another, and have better sex. As affectionate touch and sex improve, your emotional connection deepens.

#7. Keeping Your Love Alive. Love requires continuous attention in order to be kept alive. Once you deepen your connection to each other, you must make a commitment to maintaining this connection to so that you can have a healthy relationship that lasts.

I’ll walk you through the above 7 conversations in our weekend together.

If your relationship is struggling, then this 2 day workshop will provide a road map for repair.

Already have a strong relationship?

This workshop will provide you with the insight and tools to make it a great one.

Join us for the marriage retreat weekend to renew and strengthen or repair your relationship.

Discover new skills for managing conflict.
Gain a better understanding of each other.
Connect with each other on a deeper level.
Grow your relationship.

See what couples who have experienced the Hold Me Tight® program are saying!

NOTE: If you are in deep crisis, couples therapy should be considered as a first option. If you are unsure about whether or not this workshop is suitable for you, please contact me

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