Couples Therapy and Relationship Counselling:

Your Path to Greater Relationship Happiness

A Research-Proven Method of Therapy That Helps Individuals and Couples Heal Relationship Turmoil and Pain

Do Either of These Statements Sound Like You?

“I can’t stand hurting in my relationships anymore. I have to find what’s wrong and fix it.”

“My partner and I can’t go on fighting like this any longer. We’re headed towards divorce.”

If you can relate to either of the above statements, you’re ready to put an end to your pain.

As your relationship or couples therapist, I can help…

Relationship Therapy For Individuals

Do you wonder if you’ll ever have a fulfilling relationship? You’ve had enough troubled relationships. You’re tired of hurting.

Counselling can be key to helping you create a loving and fulfilling relationship.

Couples or Marriage Therapy

Are you tired of struggling in your relationship?

You feel exhausted, hurt, or a sense of numbness about your relationship.

Couples therapy can help bring you closer to your partner than you’ve ever been before.

Hold Me Tight® Couples Retreats in Calgary

Don’t have the time or funds for couples therapy?

Join the thousands of other couples from around the world who are enjoying a stronger, deeper connection after learning about the new the new science of love.

Lucy PascalHi, I’m relationship therapist and couples counsellor, Lucy Pascal.

I have over 3 decades of experience successfully helping people overcome their relationship problems.

As a therapist, I’m trained in one of the most effective methods of relationship therapy – Emotionally Focused Therapy and Emotionally-Focused Couples Therapy.

Through these scientifically proven methods of relationship counselling, I can help you create a deep and lasting intimacy.

Love is No Longer a Mystery. Love is Now a Science.

Over 35 years of research now shows the exact ingredients that make relationships work. As a therapist, I can show you how to apply these principles.

Once you apply these proven principles, you’ll likely wish you would have seen a therapist a lot sooner.

If you’re ready to discover how to apply the science of love to your life, contact me now.

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