Frustrated With Unsatisfying Relationships?

Relationship Counselling Can Help You Break Free from Painful Relationships

You CAN Have a Relationship That Makes You Happy

Perhaps your relationships are always painful.
Maybe you keep dating people who are unsuitable for a long-term relationship.
You keep struggling to develop a secure, loving bond with someone.
Maybe you are so confused that you’re not sure what you want when it comes to relationships.
It’s discouraging. No matter how you try, you can’t seem to find a partner who makes you happy.
Secretly, you may wonder if there’s something wrong with you.

Let me assure you…there is nothing wrong with you.

It’s not easy to have a satisfying relationship that feels good. If you’ve had unsuccessful relationships in the past, it can be even more challenging.


The important thing is… that regardless of what your relationships have been like in the past, it is always possible to have a successful relationship in the future.

If your relationships are characterized by any of these problems, counselling can help:

  • Having endless arguments that never get resolved
  • Feeling overly insecure, clingy or jealous
  • Difficulty trusting your partner; or having partners who cheat on you
  • Feeling blamed, criticized or constantly put down by your partner
  • Having partners who just don’t ‘get’ or appreciate you
  • Experiencing emotional, physical or sexual abuse
  • Repeatedly being rejected, or repeatedly ending relationships

If you’ve experienced any of the above issues in your relationships, please keep reading…

First, take a big breath… Relationships don’t come with an instruction manual!

The good news is that you can gain the skills you need to enjoy a healthy and happy relationship.

Past patterns can be broken. Happiness is always possible.

With my 30 years of counselling experience, I know how to help you resolve your relationship problems.

For over 3 decades I’ve been helping people from all walks of life resolve painful patterns of relating. I help them develop new and skills so that they can find healthy, happier relationships.

Through a highly effective technique called, ‘Emotionally Focused Therapy’ (EFT), I can help you discover the underlying cause of the behaviors that are creating problems for you. Once we understand them, we then work to heal them and to help you make better choices in the future.

When you are struggling with relationship problems, it can impact on your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well- being.

When we are struggling in our relationships, our physical, emotional and spiritual well-being is impacted, and we may start to cope in ways that actually increase our distress. Emotionally Focused Therapy helps you to get in touch with your emotions and needs so that you can develop new relationship patterns and feel more satisfied and secure in the world.

I offer a transparent, safe and compassionate counselling environment for you to heal, develop skills, and find real hope.

It doesn’t matter what you bring to the therapy office. You’ll feel at ease talking about your problems. You’ll discover new things about yourself, acquire new, life-changing skills and see your relationships in a new way.

Picture enjoying intimacy like you’ve never had before. Think about how it would feel to finally have a partner who ‘gets you’, respects you, and cherishes you the way you deserve.

You CAN truly be loved and love someone in a healthy relationship.
You CAN have the relationship that fulfills you.
You CAN have the happiness you deserve.

I want to extend a warm invitation to you to contact me. You’ll have a chance to share your struggles with me, and I’ll tell you what I can do to help.

I’m passionate about helping people just like you find the relationship they’ve always dreamed about.

Don’t put it off. You deserve to have healthy, happier relationships.

Why not call me today? Why not make it the very next thing you do?

I offer relationship counselling for individuals and couples therapy for couples in Calgary, Alberta.

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